Hollywood Hills (where the HOLLYWOOD Sign is located) is one of the most prestigious areas of Los Angeles. A lot of stars live here. However I can’t understand what can attract in the neighborhood: you can get ocean only by car (and the farther from the ocean, the hotter!), crowds of tourists always hang around. And the road is narrow and meanders, with numerous turns. I’m nervous here, as oncoming cars always appear suddenly almost in front of you. To go to work and back like this every day, to a supermarket and so on – it’s just a nightmare! I wouldn’t agree to live here even for a million $. My dream is to live by the ocean and to walk along every day. By the way, here is the view from the window of my husband’s sister’s home.


This is Pacific Palisades, also one of the most prestigious and expensive. But here it’s clear why:) I don’t pretend to this particular area, just the ocean beckons. Especially in the summer heat.


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