Miracle of the Moment


There are a lot of squirrels in LA 🙂

As a child, almost every summer I spent with my grandmothers in Siberia, in a small town and in a village. There were no movie theatres, old TV were broken, books were the only available entertainment (but even they were hard to get, any. I remember that I read Grandma’s Bible 🙂 I also played with other children – but my cousin was older by 2 years, he had his own interests and friends. And 2 familiar girls from the nearest streets spent almost all their time helping with the housework and looking after younger children. I also was a babysitter for  my nephews, helped in the gardens and fields. A lot of time was taken away by the daily hours of standing in long lines for food (any). In general, it was hard (literally: bags with food for all the numerous relatives were very heavy, especially for a child) and boring. All the more surprising was the visit of a relative, whom I had never seen before (and then also). He took several hazelnuts out of his pocket and with a smile handed me: “This is squirrel gift! These nuts are not simple: when you crack one, you have to make a wish. And it will surely come true! ” I guess you know the moments when a wonderful light bursts into a dull routine. My aunt and grandma said that all this is nonsense, “don’t fool the child” – but that feeling of a miracle, a holiday, an infinity of possibilities (if you want to!) I remembered for all my life from my 8 years 🙂


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