This charming girl teaches passers-by to dance despite her neck injury.

Wild Splendor

The hills around Los Angeles are gaily green. But it’s difficult to walk there, as they are overgrown with cacti with huge thorns. Do you see the lovely cactus flower? And also banana flowers are unusual. But most of all I was surprised by wild sunflowers. The flowers are pretty small, but as bright and cheerful…


The human right to pursuit their happiness is recorded even in the American Constitution. So we all try as best as we can. We are mistaken, but still we go to our dreams – even through pain. Keeping our hope until the last breath. Because if hope dies, nothing remains 🙂 In search of a…

The Pacific Ocean

One of the most impressive wonders of California is the Pacific Ocean. Of course, Los Angeles is the capital of the world film industry, and cinema the most strongly affects the hearts and minds. But everything really interesting and important migrates to serials more and more, and movies increasingly become a one-time “popcorn”. But the…

The American Woman Saved The Girl From Latin America

The video is far from super-quality (on the cheap cell phone, around a lot of extraneous noise from the street). + Now I don’t have the opportunity to work in a professional program – but the meaning of this short video covers all these shortcomings!